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5 Reasons Social Media Marketing Starts With Your Website

Posted by Mike Wolfe

12/20/12 6:23 AM

Focus on websiteSocial Media Marketing has become common place for small business but are they relying on it too much? It takes time and effort to develop Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn but where should you really focus when it comes to your Social Media Marketing efforts? How about your website.

5 Reasons Social Media Marketing Starts With Your Website

It might sound crazy at first but it's true. The best Social Media and Inbound Marketing strategies start with your website. If you have left your website out of the equation so far, it's time to reconsider.

  1. You Control It. You don't control Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram or any other social network. Facebook recently changed their algorithm in an effort to increase paid ads. Now your posts are seen by less people than ever before. You can control your own website, it's a great place to start.
  2. Home For Content. If Social Media is about content you'll need a place for the content to "live". How about your website? Creating a blog feature will allow you to easily update your site with content and you can use Social Media to drive people back to view it. This is much easier than trying fitting everything you have to say into 140 characters.
  3. Increase SEO. Social Media and SEO work together. Every time you create new content on your website it's giving a boost to your SEO. Each new blog post is a new page for search engines to index. You can then take the link to your website and share it via Social Media. When other people share or retweet, it's a link to your website that everyone can visit.
  4. Less Is More. Interaction on Social Media sites is better when it's in short form. It could be a picture or a 100 character teaser but it's one of the cases in life when less is more. Take advantage of this and include links back to your website for people read more. Like we said in point number two, it's easier than trying to share an entire article in a short snippet.
  5. It's Where Customers Take Action. We have had clients receive orders through Facebook and Twitter but it usually happens on their website. If you're using Calls-to-Action to generate leads (and you should be) they will be on your website. If you're an e-commerce business, people will be buying from your website. Sharing takes place via Social Media, buying takes place through your website.

We love Social Media but it's only one piece of the marketing puzzle. If you want to get the most out of your Social Media marketing program start with your website and work your way out.


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