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Why Every Solopreneur Needs Inbound Marketing

Posted by Mike Wolfe

1/30/13 6:23 AM

Solopreneur Inbound MarketingIt's not easy being a Solopreneur. Solopreneurs are responsible for all aspects of the company from answering phones, to closing deals, marketing the company, and cleaning up at the end of the day. Solopreneurs are often on a tight budget and have limited time, which makes Inbound Marketing a solution that can work for them.

There are usually two factors that prevent startups and solopreneurs from marketing their business: Time & Money. The same can be said for companies who are growing but when you're a solopreneur or just starting out, these are two major obstacles. Often solopreneurs skip the marketing all together or they take out ad space and hope their business gets found. When you're relying on yourself to run a business, hope is not a great marketing plan.

Five Reasons Solopreneurs Need Inbound Marketing

  1. Reduce Marketing Cost. Outbound Marketing is expensive. A one time magazine ad can run close to $3,000 and TV commercials are not in the  budget for a solopreneur. If you focus on Inbound Marketing, there are plenty of free tools you can use to market your business: Social Media, E-Mail Marketing, Blogging, and Video are a few. They may take time but it reduces cost and allows you to invest your cash where it's needed most.
  2. In Control. I've met with several solopreneurs who said the best part of Inbound Marketing is they have control. When they have down time, they can create content that is going to help marketing their business. Solopreneurs are usually doers and an Inbound Marketing strategy allows them to "do". If they want to share something, they can create that content. Instead of waiting for an ad to run or a PR person to get them in a publication, they create their own buzz. They are in control of their own marketing program.
  3. Build A Brand. Building a brand today is easier than ever. The internet has made it possible for all of us to develop our brand online in a few simple steps: create a website, create content for the website (Blog), share content via Social Media, and use Social Media to develop relationships and engage people. If you're a solopreneur the value in the business is you and YOU need to be "out there" creating this brand.
  4. Always Working For You. I mentioned above the limited time solopreneurs usually have because they are doing it all themselves. Inbound Marketing is always working for the solopreneur so he/she can focus on something else. Once content is created on your website it's indexed by search engines and can be found at any time. If you create landing pages and Calls-to-Action (CTA's) you can generate leads through your website at any time.
  5. Share Updates & News. A blog is a key component to any successful Inbound Marketing campaign and for the solopreneur it gives them a voice. It's a place they can demonstrate their expertise, update customers and prospects, share news, or anything else they are looking to display. You no longer need to wait to be published in a newspaper or magazine (while it's still cool), you can share your own news on your website and release it through Social Media channels.

 It's not easy being a solopreneur but implementing an effective Inbound Marketing strategy can save you time and money while helping grow your business.





Topics: Inbound Marketing, Marketing, Solopreneur, Social Media

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